Nearby Kalaw

Kalaw stands 1320 meter above sea level on the western edge of the Shan Plateau. It is 70km west of Taunggyi, about halfway along the Thazi-Taunggyi road. This was a popular hill station in the British days and it is still a peaceful and quiet place. It is also pleasantly cool and a good place for hiking amid gnarled pines, bamboo groves and rugged mountain scenes. A former colonial British hill station, this small-town offers cool temperatures and plenty of trekking opportunities. The population is a mix of Shan, Indian Muslims, Bamars and Nepalis (Gurkhas retired from British military service), many of whom are missionary educated. Traveling by car, it's about two hours west of Nyaungshwe on the western edge of the Shan hills.

Shwe U Min Pagoda

Set inside a natural cave dripping with golden Buddha statues, Shwe U Min Pagoda is about half a mile south-west of the Kalaw Market.

Distance: Pine Hill Resort is less than 3 km to Shwe U Min Pagoda

Palaung Village

Distance: 6.6 Km
The Palaungs, who mainly live in the Kalaw area in Shan State, belong to the Mon-Khmer. It takes about two to four hours through the hills to the village of the Palaung tribe. At first a steep track leads down into a narrow valley where the Palaung cultivate tea, damsons and mangoes on the hillsides. The track across the valley floor and then climbs very steeply again to the Palaung village of Pinnabin, which sits on top of a hill.

Distance: Pine Hill Resort is less than 3 km to Palaung Village

Nee Paya (Bamboo Buddha Statue)

Distance: 5.9 Km
It lies in Pinmagon Monastery. of Pinmagon Village. Kalaw Township. south of Shan State. It was estimated to have been established in First Inn-wa Period over 500 years ago. The donors were hard to ascertain and there were no records but its head was sharp upright. its ears were not touching the shoulders and the nether garment was covered for the whole of its lower parts. So it was believed to be historic. It is eight feet four inches high. It is noted for its longevity. its prevention of fire. and its wishgranting powers. Occasionally radiation seemed to come from the pagoda at the front of image. The image is now lacquered and gilded all the way.

Distance: Pine Hill Resort is less than 3 km to Nee Paya (Bamboo Buddha Statue)

Myin Ma Hti Cave

Distance: 7 minuts walk
The winding complex of natural caves and tunnels is filled to bursting point with Buddha Images in an astonishing variety of shapes and sizes. The Myin Ma Hti cave is 1028ft (313m) long from the entrance.

Distance: Pine Hill Resort is less than 3 km to Myin Ma Hti Cave